May 17 Another night with Amber.I was out Sidst udgivet den 17-05-2016

Cuffs must have been wrapped around something because I was unable to move my arms. After looking around a bit, I came to the conclusion that I was being held in the back of some sort of cargo van because there were no seats and no windows. I had a feeling there were possibly windows on the back doors of the van but I couldn't tell because the handcuffs were secured so that I couldn't look behind me. I was only able to look forward. It was still nude pictures dark outside, but there was a little cuddly girl friend bit of light coming through the windshield from what I assumed was maybe a streetlamp. 

I nude images had no idea how long I nude girlfriend had been trapped in there. My legs were getting cramps and myfriendshotgirl my arms and shoulder were giving me a lot pain and discomfort. The human body was nude images not supposed to stay in that type of position for very long. As my head nude girlfriend became a little clearer, I knew the last thing I remembered seemygf was leaving the movies with Deb and walking to her car. Oh, my God...Deb. What on earth had happened to her? The thought caused me so much anxiety sexy girlfriend sex porn images that my breathing started to get out of control. I knew there was a good chance I would never see her again. 

This nude pictures was the end of the line for both of us. cuddly girl friend I started to sob nude girlfriend and then said, Why us, God? Why us? Because we needed the damn money, Garrett. No need to involve God in this one. Deb! Deb! that you? I cried out. Maybe I was hallucinating and was already crossing over to the other side. I'm right behind you, chained up too. You just can't turn around enough to sex porn images see me. Are you okay? Just friggin' wonderful...thanks for asking. Are you okay? I think so. I'm a little sore from being in this position and I have a headache. Other than that, I'm pretty sure I might be okay, I said. What the hell happened? I just remember walking across the parking lot after the movie let out...and not one thing after sexy girlfriend that. Yeah, me either. Do you have any idea where we are? I have no clue. No, I don't.